If you require employees to write either the RE5 Representative or RE1 Key Individual regulatory examination, we can help you.



The completion and passing of the FAIS Regulatory Exam is a requirement in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediaries Services Act (FAIS Act). The exams are managed by the Financial Services Board (FSB).

In order for anyone, dealing with clients, to provide advice or an intermediary service, individuals need to comply with certain fit and proper requirements. One of these requirements is for that individual to have completed and passed the Level 1 Regulatory Exam.


But why do we all suddenly have to write regulatory exams? You may well ask.

The regulatory examination is meant to set a minimum standard in terms of:

  • Knowledge and understanding regarding the role and responsibilities of key individuals and or representatives who operate under the FAIS Act;
  • Ensure the awareness that financial service providers fulfil their compliance function through the key individual and highlight that Representatives also have specific responsibilities;

Finally, through instituting regulatory examinations, the FSB is following international best practice.


We offer a Learner Programme which will increase the likelihood of individuals passing the examinations the 1st time. If people happen to fail, we would pay for the 1st re-write.

We do offer study material which is accessed through a login. Call us for pricing.

Legislative Material:
Legislation is will available from our website soon.


In order to write the examination, individuals need to register with an Examination Body. Dates, times and venues are available as to where the examinations can be written.

We offer a service that facilitates and organises that people register for writing the exam.

Alternatively, you can contact either of the 2 companies below and arrange in-house.

  • Moonstone 021 883 8000
  • FPI 011 470 6100

We don’t believe that the FAIS exams are merely exams that need to be passed for compliance purposes.

The knowledge required to pass the exams can help companies avoid reputational risk and comply with the law at operational level through their employees.

Individuals will also be in a position to use the information in their everyday lives.

 Our undertaking is to provide more than just getting people to pass the exam.

Our undertaking is to ensure that candidates experience how the legislation applies to them in the workplace and their own lives.

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